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Empresa HR is our enterprise hr software system for the cloud and on-premise

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Bureau HRM - Now Supporting Multi-Company Human Resource Management

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UK based developers of HR software packages - Human Resource Manager

Cost effective solutions
   for small-medium businesses.

Human Resource Manager helps HR Professionals.

Human Resource Manager is the perfect HR software package for today's managers and human resource professionals who need an easy way to store, retrieve, and safeguard employee information.


Clean Look & Feel.

We like to think HRM is nice and easy on the eye. With easy-to-read text, attractive colours and logical layout, feel happy seeing HRM on your computer screen throughout your working day.

Step-by-Step Wizards.

You won't ever feel daunted learning how to use HRM. That's because HRM was developed from a Task-Orientated perspective, using Wizards. A Wizard is an interactive computer interface that leads users through complex tasks, using step-by-step dialogs. Just try the New Employee Wizard to see how easy it really is!

Customise to your needs.

With HRM's Company &amp Application Preferences, you can import your own company logo, set your company's holiday and work patterns, create your own fields and display orders, change the colour scheme, record company vehicles, and much more.

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