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UK based developers of HR software packages - Human Resource Manager

Cost effective solutions
   for small-medium businesses.

Human Resource Manager helps HR Professionals.

Human Resource Manager is the perfect HR software package for today's managers and human resource professionals who need an easy way to store, retrieve, and safeguard employee information.


Introducing Human Resource Manager UK. HRM is a HR Management System (HRMS) or a HR Information System (HRIS)....


    Take the monotony out of your daily routine. Let HRM do the hard work for you.

    Customise all aspects of your HR work, from reports and reminders to colours and layouts.

    By automating and integrating your approach to HR, your business can achieve real efficiency gains.

    Reduce administration and stationery costs within the HR department.

    Share and administer your employee data between human resources staff.

    All aspects of personnel are covered, such as training, document management, reports and alerts.

We are experienced software developers from the UK, specialising in HR. We pride ourselves on delivering HR software packages that are simple to use, feature-rich with powerful reporting capabilities. Our software developers have made it extremely easy to manage recruitment, leavers, sickness, accidents, reviews, new starters, disciplinaries, training, qualifications, staff holidays, birthdays, salary reviews, work patterns, vehicles, salaries, appraisals and much more. Our elegant wizard driven interface makes HRM the most user-friendly of all HR software packages. The reporting facilities deliver all the information you should ever need. Once you try it, you'll never look back!

By trying HRM you will see for yourself that our software developers care about functional, hassle-free personnel. HRM is one of the leading HR software packages available today. Our software has all the features and functionality you'd expect at ten times the price!

Of all the UK based HR software packages, we know that ours gives you more of what you need for less. Our developers understand the need for a simple and elegant system that requires no formal training and genuinely makes life easier for UK HR professionals. For HR software packages created the right way, choose Human Resource Manager.